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Cracked side table n°1, 2021


Cracked side table n°2, 2022


Cracked side table n°3, 2022

Imagine a side table with a wandering soul, yearning to live its own narrative within the walls of a home. This piece unfolds through a technique of my own making. Rather than subjecting clay to the scorching embrace of high temperatures, I let it whisper in its delicate, nascent state. What happens when clay dries? My initial musings centered around the inevitable - it shrinks, a propensity for breaking, crumbling, and cracking. A fragility that convention often devalues. Yet, here's the twist. I harnessed that very power, the force of shrinkage, coaxing the clay to cling tenaciously to a metal frame. A meticulous finishing touch ensures the clay remains impervious to moisture, enduring for years. The concept of fragility and movement comes alive in the subtle cracks that grace the legs of this creation. I revel in pushing materials to their limits, reshaping our human perception of them. It's about presenting these elements in ways that challenge our accustomed senses.
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