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In my exploration of clay, I delve into the intricate dance between raw materials, human perception, and the relentless march of time. Focused on revealing the hidden potential within clay, I experiment with techniques, balancing fragility and transformative hardening. Freed from preconceptions, I construct and deconstruct, shaping forms that traverse space with dynamic movement. Abstractly connected to my creations, I contemplate the imprints of energies and movements. My ongoing series explores the tension between drying clay’s stillness and the transformative birth of new life. Reflecting on clay’s solidification and metamorphosis, my work tries to capture life’s ephemeral nature. This series serves as a visual meditation on dynamism within stillness, navigating the delicate balance between drying inertia and the emergence of life. It reflects on the beauty and complexity inherent in natural transformation, with sculptures ex tending into space—a testament to energies and movements materialized from imagination and matter.

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