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When my work manages to slightly itch the viewer’s brain, this is what gets me thrilled. 

From a 32 square meters moving metal sculpture turning to a hanging indoor garden, I also try to walk my way up to 4 meters high unfired clay sculptures.

You can find a memory of movement along my works. Taking inspiration from science and nature, I  try to translate these into my own language. 

My practice revolves around two different lines of work. On the one hand, I love to challenge myself with large-scale kinetic sculptures. On the other hand, I enjoy to dive into a more design-based approach with smaller-scale pieces which are halfway between sculptures and furniture. My general approach is quite intuitive and playful. Having the most fun time with them in my head and putting them out in the open. I strive for my sculptures to follow their own path in the process and become shaped like creatures. In my working process, I enjoy rethinking the materials (such as clay, fired or air-dried) I work with, challenge their physical properties and meaning.

Another important aspect for me is the perception of the audience and how visitors experience and behave with the works, leaving behind prior assumptions. And so hopefully provoking thoughts that will slightly itch the viewer’s brain/perception.

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